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News | July 28, 2020

KFOR RC-E Soldiers deliver medical equipment to Zvecan clinic

By Staff Sgt. Amberlee Boverhuis 100th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Kosovo Force Regional-Command East Soldiers from the Liaison Monitoring Team, “Kilo 5”, delivered 4 thousand euros worth of medical equipment July 28, 2020 to the Health Station of Banjska (Banjske), Kosovo. 

“Today’s mission to the health station in the Zvecan area provided some necessary equipment to assist in maintaining the health and welfare of the local population,”said U.S. Army Oregon National Guard Col. Noel Hoback, RC-E deputy brigade commander. 

The Banjska (Banjske) health clinic falls within the Greek LMT’s area of operations and has been identified as a major health resource to Zvecan municipality. 

“Strengthening the capacity for care with additional professional medical equipment was identified as a need to create a more sturdy and sustainable health center,” said Cpt. Siminis Athanasios, Kilo 5 Team Commander. 

“One of the fundamental needs wherever you are is health,” said Hoback. “Identifying those needs has always been a priority for KFOR and has significantly increased since COVID.”

The impact of the global pandemic has heightened NATO KFOR’s LMT mission to assist in providing humanitarian aid and increasing donations to various clinics throughout Kosovo. 

“Donating this equipment was in-progress before COVID-19,” said Hoback. “However because of the increase in cases within the recent weeks, it’s become even more important to ensure that local health services are equipped with all the necessary tools to be efficient in assisting the people in Kosovo.”

The staff at the health station consists of one doctor and three nurses and provides services to many locals within the Zvencan municipality. 

Like all other LMTs within Kosovo, Kilo 5’s ongoing relationships with the community ensured that the needs of the area were identified to allow NATO led KFOR to obtain the equipment and assist in increasing the welfare of the people in Kosovo, said Hoback.

“It came to the team’s attention during our meetings about the problems they face not only to do with the pandemic but in general that specific equipment was needed to be more efficient in dealing with emergency cases,” said Athanasios. 

After various visits, Kilo 5 and the health station staff finalized the need for a blood glucose reader, electrocardiogram, a pulse oximeter, an aspirator, an inhaler, sterilizer, and a computer. 

“We gladly accept this donation and thank you for thinking of us especially at this time,” Dr. Jovana Simic, Health Center Manager.

Missions like this provide small clinics with the necessary tools for advanced aid and decrease the need of the local population to travel to bigger clinics and hospitals in Mitrovica (Mitorvice). 

“I know the country is struggling and we need this, so thank you very much in my name and the name of the whole north Kosovo,” said Simic. 

KFOR remains dedicated to its enduring projects and services to the communities and citizens of Kosovo despite the pandemic and continues to promote stability in the region.

“For the citizens of Zvecan, KFOR appreciates the opportunity to work with you,” said Hoback. “The cooperation that we have been able to have with the community helps provide a safe and secure environment for all of the people in Kosovo.”