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News | April 15, 2021

Expanding the Reach

By Milton Mariani Rodriguez Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

Today, representatives of the Institute met with the President and Vice President of the Association of Police Attachés from Latin America (APALA) to formalize an agreement between the two entities. 

The meeting is the culmination of work conducted by the WHINSEC Deputy Commandant for Police Affairs, Commissioner (COL) Cenen Castillo, and our Department of State representative Joseph Nieto. 

“This memorandum furthers the understanding between the two entities, said Castillo. The exchange of regionalized knowledge and doctrine used by public safety forces from the Hemisphere is key on the Joint Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) environment.  

Also, WHINSEC training provides additional tools for APALA members on the development of strategies and plans in order to face regional challenges,” added Castillo. 

The purpose of this document is to outline specific opportunities and shared understanding between the parties of capabilities, capacity and, potential to leverage collaboration to amplify the organizational goals and objectives of WHINSEC and APALA. The Institute gains a better understanding of the many challenges faced by Western Hemisphere countries, their best practices, lessons learned and, priorities in dealing with regional or hemispheric crisis management. For its part, APALA enhances the professionalism of APALA members through professional education and training programs offered at WHINSEC. Additionally, furthers formal, classroom knowledge of democratic values, respect for human rights and, an appreciation of the US customs and traditions. 

“For us, WHINSEC represents a great opportunity, not to only work in areas of security, but to collaborate with Armed Forces in other areas of outmost importance, said Commissar Alejandro Vargas, APALA vice president. The spirit of this document reflects the sentiment of so many public safety officers in the hemisphere, a brighter and safe future of our countries,” he added.