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News | Sept. 21, 2021

The United States’ Donation of 4.6 Million Pfizer Vaccines to Indonesia Begins to Arrive

By U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Indonesia

JAKARTA, U.S. Embassy & Consulates
in Indonesia -- The United States Government and the American people stand with the people of Indonesia in the fight against COVID-19. Following President Biden’s pledge, the United States is donating 4.6 million doses of Pfizer vaccines to Indonesia to fight COVID-19 in partnership with COVAX. Today, the second tranche of these 4.6 million doses arrived in Indonesia, with the remainder set to arrive within the next week. These safe and effective vaccines will protect lives in Indonesia and help prevent dangerous new variants from spreading.

  “We believe that the best way out of this pandemic is by increasing global vaccination coverage. Together with the Government of Indonesia and our civil society partners, we are working quickly to get these safe and effective vaccines to as many people as possible,” said U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Y. Kim. “The United States is committed to leading the global COVID-19 response because it is the right thing to do and will make us all—Americans and Indonesians alike—safer. We are proud to work with Indonesia to end this pandemic and build back a better world.”



This donation builds on the 8 million doses of Moderna vaccines the United States already donated to Indonesia this year. Worldwide, the United States has already delivered 130 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and hundreds of millions more are on their way. The United States is also the largest donor to the global vaccine initiative, COVAX.


In addition, the United States is supporting Indonesia to safely and effectively distribute these vaccines by supporting a robust cold chain to get vaccines to health facilities quickly, helping train health workers, and encouraging people to get vaccinated.


Since the onset of the pandemic, the U.S. Government has committed more than $77 million to support Indonesia’s COVID-19 response. The United States works closely with Indonesia to accelerate COVID-19 case detection and tracking, improve laboratories, disease surveillance, and rapid-response capacity, and ensure that more people know what to do to protect themselves and each other. Since March 2020, our support has reached 165 million people in Indonesia— 60 percent of the country’s population. The United States has helped approximately 43,000 frontline healthcare workers and strengthened more than 1,300 hospitals and clinics around the country.


We remain committed to partnering with the Government and people of Indonesia to save lives and work toward the safe reopening of the Indonesian economy.